Saturday, July 23, 2011

10. Digital Citizenship

I want to make sure that the students understand Digital  Literacy, understanding the process of teaching technology and learning about technology and how to use it. Digital Communication, understanding how to make appropiate decisions when using the communication devices and what kind of information must not share with anyone online.Self-protection,understanding electronic precautions to guarantee safety with a purpose.

One of the resources to use instructionally with the young kids is cCyber(Smart). It gives a lot of essencial tips to be a good digital citizenship. Also, BrainPop is really good to teach any subject, it supports the students learning using a lot of real world applications to facilitate the comprehension of the topic taught and brings a fast quiz to check the students understanding.

I want to teach my students that digital citizenship is more than learning  tools, it is about how to use technology appropiate to have the oppotunity to create relationship online collaborating with other students around the world in school projects in productive and safety environment.

I plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with the parents first giving them  a KWL Chart. After that I would like to introduce the iSAFE site showing them the most relevant information trying to respoinse the questions regarding what they want to learn. At the ending, they  will have 10 minutes more to explore the web page and compare what they new before of  the presentation and what they know after of the presentation.. 

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