Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8. Look at the tools

Everyone is exciting about the new way to teach. The district expects that each teacher use the new devices in the classroom. For that purpose, the teacher needs to have iTunes account to develop materials as a part of the instruction engaging student's learning through of use of the iPod touch / iPad in centers or projects I think that at this point most of the students are familiar with the use of Dell 2120 netbook which is smaller than the lacktop but has the same functionality.
The teacher needs to monitor what apps the students are using to ensure the good use of them, Also, is important to create guidelines and procedures to know exactly the expectations for the classroom use. As a part of the procedure one student could be responsible for set up and pick up the devices. Those students could be rotated every week. Please be sure that the  student/Parent signed and returned SBISD AUP before to use them. 

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