Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7. Online digital projects

Content Objective
 Using research resources, TSW describe Native Indian groups who lived in the Coastal Plains region of Texas before European exploration and describe the region in which they lived.
We are going to implement the plan at the last week of November.
Tools to use:
Google Doc will be useful for the 4th grade classrooms to share ideas.  online documents, and videos to support their final report. Also, they will use xtranormal to create their own movie
This is a 4th grade project The main  purpose of it is learning  about native american in Texas and their environment using LA/Social Studies integration with technology. Each class would create their own rubric to see what are the expectations. At least once a week the classes will use Edmodo to get and give feedbacks, ideas and generate academic discussions regarding to the topic researched. Together they will use Google Doc to share the final product.

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