Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5.Web 2.0 tools

Xtranormal is a movie creator and animoto is a video clip. .I created this short movie to introduce the habitat concept in the science lesson. At the end of the lesson the students will crate their own movie using science content. Their work will be guided by questions giving for the teacher which must be planned and focused in the lesson objective  to ensure the quality of content in the movie and the learning. The students can share their final product throughout Google Apps. Their work will be assessing using a rubric pre-elaborated for the teacher with the students. Using this tool the students will be engage in their learning process in a fun activity and the teacher can see how deep their  learning is.


  1. Currently, xtranormal is only for users 13 years of age and over - which is EXTREMELY unfortunate. So for now, elementary teacher are going to be the only users. at least teachers can have fun creating engaging movies for their lessons!

  2. Would the students use it under teacher's supervision?