Saturday, July 23, 2011


One of my favorites and useful tools is Google Doc. I used it this summer with a Go Green at TFE project and it facilitated and supported my work with the teachers and summer coordinator, Also, in this new role as a I- Coach this tool will continue supporting my work with the HBE staff, parents, students, and another I-Coaches.

Now, I have more clearly thoughts in how to incorporate technology in the process learning. the 11 tools was an amazing online experience to increase my knowledge in using them and the  technology devices to support the student academic achievement. Through this new school year I will go back to check the tools to maximize the use of them.

I was  surprised of the ton of  tools that we can use and the time consumed exploring them (I will need more time ) to be master in the use of them. However, now I feel more confident and knowledgeable about what kind of tools and which devices to integrate in the lessons plan or staff development. 

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  1. Love your xtranormal! I wish I spoke Spanish so I could understand the cat. However, it is amazing how much I do understand having half of the conversation in English! I'm glad you found this training helpful!