Saturday, July 23, 2011

9. Classroom-Based devices as tools for learning

Before to incorporate technology in our lesson, we need to know what we want the students to learn (Content Objective). Also, if we are working with ELL students we need to know how the content will be comprehensible  to them while developing academic language skills (Language Objective). Therefore, if we do not tie the technology with the objective, it will be used as a entertainment instead as a learning tool.

The accountability piece is very important in the learning process with or without use of technology. During workstations or centers the students should ask to show what they learned. The students need to have clear expectations from the teacher about why they are using the tools assigned  in the workstations, how they should use them, and what is the final product that they need to create to show what they learned. This helps students to be focused in their task assigned and avoid bad  behaivior problems during the stations/centers time.

I liked the most  Thinkinity and Studyladder, both provided with a lot of interactive resources for math, science, vocabulary, spelling, social studies, reading, etc. To hold students accountable is important the students understand the objective, purpose and expectations to use this resources. The teacher should differentiate the task according with the students needs in order to help them to be academic succesful.

Also, for center we can use Diigo offline reader, First of all the teacher needs to create an account. The teacher can select a piece of reading according with the lesson. After reading, the students should complete a graphic organizer gave by the teachers or use their reading journal to answer comprehension questions, summarize, write main ideas and supporting details, or just paraphrase the reading.
 In Math, for  Addition/ Multiplication Math Facts, the students can use DiaMath instead to use the traditionally worksheets. You can decide to use iPod or iPad for these stations.

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